Churrasco (Argentine Grilled Meat Marinade ) Recipe  - #meatmarinade
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Churrasco (Argentine Grilled Meat Marinade ) Recipe - #meatmarinade

argentina Food Recipes | Churrasco Argentine Grilled Meat Marinade ) Recipe -

This is a marinade for the churrasco dish. In Argentina, where this style of cooking developed, "churrasco" actually refers to many types of meats prepared on the grill. It's also popular with Nicaraguans. The churrasco cut steak is a long flat cut of skirt steak, cut from the "plate" of the cow. You might find it sold at some butcher shops as a "plate" steak. Don't confuse it with the flank steak, a similar cut, but NOT the same! The churrasco steak is typically marinated to make it tender and full of flavour. Serve topped with Recipe #456210. I did not include marinating time. Enjoy!